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Every contribution worth a big “thank you”

Do you ever wonder how much impact your charitable contributions really are making?
With a donation to America’s Moms for Soldiers, you can be assured that virtually every penny goes directly to sending care packages to troops in Afghanistan. We are an all-volunteer staff; there are no paid employees. We work out of donated office space and many supplies are donated by schools, churches, companies and other organizations.
So you want to hear exactly what kind of impact you can have? America’s Moms receives many emails and letters of thanks. Here’s just a sample:
“I just want to express my gratitude for the care packages you sent to us. Receiving mail while deployed is one of the best morale boosters for any soldier. Sadly there are many of us that don’t have people that can send packages so anything makes a huge difference.
“I really enjoy reading the letters from the children. They always make me smile. I’ve made a wall in my office just to hang their letters and pictures.”
“Thank you so much for the package of goodies I received from your organization. Words cannot express the gratification that we soldiers feel when we receive packages. It really lets us know that what we do is noticed and appreciated back home in the United States.”
“I would personally like to thank you on behalf of my platoon for the numerous care packages that were sent by your organization. Many of the items, especially the Girl Scout cookies, were very much appreciated by the soldiers. The (Afghan soldiers) are amazed by the gratitude and hopefully the word will spread of how great a support group we have. Thanks again for the many gifts and hours you put into these packages. Many thanks for your continued support of our great country.”
“Our entire section was all smiles as we opened the packages and shared their contents among the group. This is a great thing you have done for soldiers who are away from home and loved ones. I know my short letter cannot fully express the gratitude and appreciation of all the people you touch by your act of kindness.”
Troops are starting to return home, but more than 35,000 still remain in Afghanistan. Please help us complete our mission until the last troops come home.
Contributions can be made here on the website through PayPal or can be mailed to P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL 33066



Most days the war seems so far away and it’s easy to forget there are still 40,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Occasionally, war and its effects are closer than we realize.
On most weekends, America’s Moms for Soldiers is at a South Florida event inviting people to sign banners to send to the military with greetings of thanks and support. These are just a few of the stories we heard one Saturday morning:
· A mother describing her daughter’s fear when her boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan and her horror when she heard he was shot. After a few months at a hospital in Germany, the young soldier and his girlfriend were reunited.
· A man describing what it was like to work for several years in the amputee unit at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
· A young veteran telling how while serving in Somalia and on his 57th parachute jump his right leg landed awkwardly in a hole. The wind was still pulling his parachute as he struggled reaching for his knife to cut himself free. A big gust yanked the chute and he heard a crack. The femur in his right leg, still trapped in the hole, had fractured. “Look,” he said, jumping up and down, ”the leg’s OK now, but I couldn’t re-enlist after the injury.”
· An older former Marine remembering when he and a friend saw a headline while they were serving in Vietnam: “President Johnson says he won’t send Americans to Southeast Asia.” “Where does he think we were? Hawaii?” the Marine said. He paused briefly. “My friend died the next day, shot right between the eyes.”
America’s Moms for Soldiers tries to ease a little of the loneliness by sending monthly care packages to troops in Afghanistan who do not receive mail. We buy some supplies; others are donated. The biggest expense is postage – averaging $4,000 per month. A contribution of $50 will brighten the day for 15 troops, covering the expense of mailing one large box of 15 care packages. A larger donation helps more; smaller donations help too.
We can all give a little for those who give so much.





Nearly 40,000 troops remain in Afghanistan. Many are young. Many have left their families again for yet another deployment.

Many never receive any mail from home.

So America’s Moms for Soldiers continues its mission into 2014 making sure those soldiers, marines and airmen will receive at least one care package each month.

If you’ve seen the movie “Lone Survivor,” you know the dangers that still exist in the Afghan mountains and villages.

America’s Moms for Soldiers mails more than 1,000 care packages per month. We soon will pass more than 50,000 over the past five years.

South Florida has been generous in supporting our cause. Organizations from the Girls Scouts to the two-time NBA champion Miami Heat have been reliable in their support of the troops and America’s Moms.

Many schools, churches and other groups have held supply drives. The greatest expense is mailing, nearly $4,000 per month. With the recent increase in postal rates, America’s Moms expects its mailing expenses to increase 15-20 percent.

Here’s your chance to give a small thank you to those who risk so much: A donation of $50 will cover the postage to mail a large box of 15 individual care packages. Contributions can be made here on the website through PayPal or checks can be mailed to America’s Moms for Soldiers, P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL, 33066.

With special thanks from all the brave men and women we depend on. And sometimes they depend on us.




Pat Riley has been a part of nine NBA championships as a player, coach and team president, including three with the Miami Heat. But he has a passion that stretches way beyond the basketball court -- supporting the U.S. military.
He proved that again on Dec. 17 when he sponsored the packing of 250 care packages to send to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. It was the fifth consecutive year during the holiday season that the Heat president joined with America’s Moms for Soldiers in sending care packages to troops who otherwise do not receive mail. The care packages were filled with everything from shampoo and tooth paste to candy, cookies and crackers to baby wipes because it can be a long time in between showers for soldiers. The care packages also included a letter from Riley, a special souvenir Heat coin and a Home Strong card that can be used for a free ticket for a game.
The Heat also honors troops at each home game and supports military families through their Home Strong program. When our troops finally come home from Afghanistan or wherever they’re not needed in this world, then we need to take care of them,” Riley said. “Be very conscious of them and their families and also their employment.”
Heat center Chris Bosh and his Team Tomorrow foundation have sponsored similar packing events with America’s Moms for Soldiers in the past two years. America’s Moms for Soldiers, an all-volunteer charity based in Pompano Beach, Fla., has sent more than 10,000 care packages in 2013 and more than 40,000 in the past five years.
America’s Moms relies on supply donations from schools, churches and other organizations. More than 95% of financial contributions go directly to support the troops with mailing expenses running more than $4,000 per month. If your school, church or organization is interested in helping with a supply drive, please call 954-358-9358.
Financial contributions can be made here on the website with a credit card or through PayPal or mailed to America’s Moms for Soldiers, P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL, 33066. Click here to see more photos.


A Christmas story in the mountains of Afghanistan

It was Christmas, but it didn’t seem like it at a small U.S. Army base in the mountains of Afghanistan. Soldiers were going about their daily duties, but a little lonelier than usual. Then the day suddenly got better. One officer started delivering care packages provided by America’s Moms for Soldiers.
“They were all so thankful, and for a moment, forgot it was going to be a long Christmas night,” the officer emailed. “Each one of the soldiers came to thank me for bringing them the boxes and I told each of them where the boxes came from. “Thank you for helping me bring some Christmas cheer to young soldiers who are so far from home. Thank you so much for caring about somebody who serves so far away and helping him remember the true meaning of Christmas.”
America’s Moms for Soldiers receives many thank you notes and emails through the year, but this one from Christmas, 2011 was especially meaningful. It best describes America’s Moms’ mission over the past five years – making sure that those in the military who don’t normally get mail receive a monthly care package. And it’s especially important that they are remembered at this time of year.
As we prepare for Christmas, it’s easy to forget that more than 60,000 U.S. troops are based in Afghanistan. Some are facing another winter at remote mountain outposts; others patrol still dangerous villages. And too often they are short on supplies. That’s where America’s Moms for Soldiers comes in. We are an all-volunteer staff based in Pompano Beach, Fla., and with your help we will be able to continue our mission.
We have been sending more than 1,200 care packages per month to troops of all branches of the military. Working with officers and chaplains, we especially target those troops who do not receive mail from home.
Our care packages contain snack foods and hygiene products. Baby wipes are a monthly staple because it can be days in between showers. For the Holidays, we included blankets in each box.
We rely on financial and supply donations from individuals, schools, churches and other organizations. More than 95% of donations go directly to supplies and postage. Mailing expenses alone are more than $4,000 per month.
As you and your family celebrate Christmas and all the Holidays, remember those on the front line guarding our freedoms. We ask that you continue to support our mission through 2014 and until the last troops come home.
Contributions can be made here on the website through PayPal or mailed to America’s Moms for Soldiers, P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL, 33066.
If your school, church, or organization is interested in sponsoring a supply drive, please call 954-358-9358.
With special thanks from all the brave men and women we depend on. … And at times, they depend on us.


Schools show their Holiday spirit in support of troops

Many South Florida students have been showing their Holiday spirit by holding supply drives in support of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and America’s Moms for Soldiers.
The Friends of Soldiers club, pictured, at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, gathered supplies and packed 70 care packages on Dec. 10.
Among the schools that also have gathered supplies recently are:
Bob Graham Education Center Monarch High School
Cardinal Gibbons High School Stoneman Douglas High School
Coconut Creek High School St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Pembroke Pines Elementary West Broward High School
Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School Westminster Academy
Hialeah Gardens High School  
Packing care packages is a great service project for students to learn about the sacrifices many young people make in defense of freedom. If your school, church, or organization is interested in sponsoring a supply drive, please call 954-358-9358.
Financial contributions can be made here on the website through PayPal or mailed to America’s Moms for Soldiers, P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL, 33066.



There is plenty of camaraderie in the military. But there are also plenty of lonely times, especially around Christmas and the holidays. While many troops will be receiving packages from home, some never or rarely receive any mail. America’s Moms for Soldiers is determined to make sure that those soldiers, thousands of miles from home in Afghanistan, will not be forgotten.
The "elves" -- our all-volunteer staff -- have been busy in the America’s Moms’ workshop preparing special care packages. More than 1,200 care packages are being mailed this month, and as in past years, each contains a fleece blanket. The boxes also contain extra treats that will make it seem a little more like the holidays.
One volunteer contributed more than 800 cards, each with her own personal hand-written message.
America’s Moms doesn’t just support these troops at this time of year. The charity works with officers and chaplains and mails a care package each month to those who don’t receive mail.
We need your help to continue this mission. Contributions can be made here on the website through PayPal or can be mailed to America’s Moms for Soldiers, P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL 33066.
If your school, church or organization is interested in sponsoring a supply drive, call 954-358-9358. Click here to see more photos.



It was a great day saluting all our veterans.
A crowd of more than 400, including a 101-year-old veteran, enjoyed America’s Moms for Soldiers’ annual Veterans Day concert featuring the American Legion Symphonic Band. Tenor James Perkowski drew standing ovations for his performances of “God Bless the USA” and “America, the Beautiful.”
America’s Moms for Soldiers would like to thank the Symphonic Band, conductor James McGonigal, Perkowski, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Westminster Academy and all those contributors, who showed their support for the military, past and present.
As Thanksgiving, Christmas and the full holiday season near, please remember the thousands of troops still in harm’s way and America’s Moms for Soldiers. The charity still is mailing more than 1,100 care packages per month to troops in Afghanistan.
Contributions can be made here on the website through PayPal or can be mailed to America’s Moms for Soldiers, P.O. Box 668487, Pompano Beach, FL 33066



Chris Bosh has had a lot more on his mind than just trying to help the Miami Heat win a third consecutive NBA championship.
On November 2, Bosh again showed his support for the U.S. Military by sponsoring 200 care packages for America’s Moms for Soldiers to send to troops in Afghanistan. Two days later, his wife Adrienne gave birth to a baby girl, Dylan Skye, who weighed in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces and 19 inches.
The Miramar High School girls’ basketball team joined Chris Bosh’s Team Tomorrow foundation in packing the care packages that contained fleece blankets, foot powder, shampoo, granola bars and other snacks.
The Miami Heat have been strong supporters of the military through their Home Strong program and support of America’s Moms for Soldiers.




All they planned to do was send a few needed supplies to the friends of their Army sons. Instead, those few mothers made a much larger commitment, pledging to support U.S. troops until the last ones return from Afghanistan.
Nearly five years and more than 43,000 care packages later, America’s Moms for Soldiers remains one of the nation’s most reliable charitable organizations supporting active troops. It is believed to be the only one specifically sending to those who do not receive mail.  Click milestone to read more of the article in PR Web.





See Miami Herald Article

Veronica Heredia had heard so many stories of war from her Marine brother that when she awakened from her own surgery she had only one thing on her mind – how could she serve the troops.
Heredia, 18 and a senior at Hialeah Gardens High School, was soon back working with America’s Moms for Soldiers in gathering care packages to send to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. She calls her project “Operation Support Our Troops” and asks fellow students to prepare shoe boxes of supplies. Last year, she gathered 200 boxes and this year set a goal of 500. She surpassed that total, and on Saturday, Oct. 26, she turned over 554 to America’s Moms for Soldiers, the Pompano Beach-based charity that has sent more than 40,000 care packages to Afghanistan and Iraq.
Heredia said she began the project to honor her brother, Daniar Betancourt, who served two tours in Iraq and is still recovering from a back injury. My brother told me all they went through and how some never received anything. I wanted to help,” she said. Click here to read more and see more photos.





There’s no greater honor for a Boy Scout than becoming an Eagle Scout. So when Thomas Fariss was planning his Eagle Scout project, he wanted to make sure he honored people who he respected -- his Army cousin and U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
Working with America’s Moms for Soldiers, Tommy recruited family and his friends in Troop 305 in Miami Shores in gathering supplies for care packages. The congregation at St. Rose of Lima Church pitched in. And shoppers at a local super market were generous in purchasing supplies at his four donation drives.
“Everyone has been happy to have the opportunity to express their appreciation to those of you serving,” Tommy wrote in his letter to the troops. His cousin, also an Eagle Scout, has served as an officer outside Kabul. In his letter, Tommy wrote, “All of you hold a special place in the hearts of Americans here at home. We appreciate your dedication and service and pray for your safe return.”  Click here to see more photos





As students return, faculty advisors and schools are already considering service projects.
In the past few years, dozens of South Florida schools have joined with America’s Moms for Soldiers in gathering supplies to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan.
It’s a great way for even young students to learn how important service is and about how important it is to think of others. Many students have told us about family members who are in the military and how much they appreciate the extra support.
Students gather hygiene products and snack foods in small individual sizes. Students especially have had fun at several schools that have hosted America’s Moms and packed 100 or more care packages. Children are also invited to write letters to the troops.
America’s Moms for Soldiers works with officers and chaplains in sending monthly care packages to troops who do not receive mail. The list of those soldiers is growing and America’s Moms now mails 1,650 care packages per month.
If your school is interested in supporting America’s Moms for Soldiers, please call 954-358-9358. Also visit to see the preferred items requested for care packages.

Click here to see  supporting schools.





The months slowly tick by. The dangers never seem to disappear.
But U.S. troops in Afghanistan are still being treated to a favorite piece of Americana.
Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida and their loyal supporters again have made sure that troops will be receiving Girl Scout cookies.
America’s Moms for Soldiers has received more than 15,000 boxes of cookies and will be sending cookies in each care package over the coming months.
More than 60,000 troops remain in Afghanistan and the number of troops that America’s Moms for Soldiers supports continues to grow; more than 1,200 in August.
America’s Moms for Soldiers, a Pompano Beach-based charity, sends monthly care packages to troops who otherwise do not receive mail.



Team Building at the Harbor Beach Marriott

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Tribute to America's Moms for Soldiers

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